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Thank you all for such a warm welcome!

I'm sick of "new" games, requiring you to buy new parts and get a man in to fit them every 6 months, I remember you could buy any game from back then and you knew it would just work. If it could run kings quest 1 it could probably run kings quest 6 as well, try doing that with halo!

Thanks for the tutorial, I did manage to get all set up last night with the help of the people on the IRC, I had no idea they made a sequel to lemmings, let alone 3 or 4, I've never seen 3 hours disappear that quickly before in my life!

Is that a picture of Elvira? Gosh more nostalgia! Scrummy isn't she Oh and while I'm at it, thats the critter from the dark stone muppets thingy isn't it? I always thought myst drew a lot of inspiration from that movie
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