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What the hell Tracker. Just going against like 3 guys would mean instant death, you wouldn't be able to shoot fast enough to actually kill them before they kill, you that means the gameplay would need to be slower then current gen CoD or MoH. Nothing wrong with that, in fact the original MoH was about the speed I am talking about and has many missions based on stealth. I have been talking about how good the game could be, not how bad it would be. The NAZI thing had nothing to do with them being the best enemies, just that lazy writers and writers on a fast timetable often use them as an easy enemy. As I said many people don't know a lot about WW1 so the writers would have to work hard to make a great story. I wasn't saying in real life they were all monsters, where the hell did you get that? Just that there is already a lot of story and history that players will know so you don't need to work hard on that part you can trust the player knows this already.

Bayonet charges could make for an epic moment, they could be cool as hell. But as in reality you would be gunned down by a MG nest. All the rest yeah they could be cool but they would be short lived. Wow a gas attack quick get the gas mask on...oh yeah they are doing it again...and again...and again. But done right it could make for some epic moments in a game. Which is what I have been saying, that a FPS in WW1 would need to be made well and then it would be great.

And no I haven't seen your link, nor do I care to after that tirade of insults. I don't know if you noticed but me and RRS didn't agree about everything but at no point did we call the other person ignorant or tell them what they thought. Personally I would like an apology for that post, at no point in it did you treat me and my opinions with respect. If you will notice at no point have I insulted you here, nor implied or out right stated what you think and have even agreed your ideas have merits.
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