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Originally Posted by DarthHelmet86 View Post
a LMG and a Squad Based MG are different things
I apologize for sounding confusing, this is due to problems with translating military nomenclature, note that ręczny karabin maszynowy links to light machine gun in Wikipedia, some things were also renamed over the years (kontrtorpedowiec/ contre-torpilleur/torpedo boat destroyer is today's destroyer), not sure if squad automatic weapon was already used in the BAR era.

I also agree that WW1 FPS won't be as appealing to the masses as mowing down terrorists, zombies etc., yet when done right it could still gather own fanbase and be financially successful, such as more demanding (ie. for finer taste) tactical shooters.

The problem is you can make a wargame or adventure in a small company, FPS requires decent audiovisuals, thus bigger dev team and bigger budgets... that's why we keep seeing the same games over and over again (because big players won't take the risk).

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