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These are things I already brought up in my posts, I literally said it would have to be like the original MoH and that it would need to be about stealthy infiltration of enemy lines. And a LMG and a Squad Based MG are different things, a LMG needs two people due to the weight of the weapon and ammo, one carries the ammo and maybe a baseplate and the other the gun. The rate of fire also means that someone has to be feeding ammo into it from a chain otherwise it would shoot a box full of ammo in seconds and be dry. A Squad Based MG is like a M60, it can be fired on the move or be sat down in a stable position for more accurate suppression fire. If they had you carting around LMGs and sitting them down for some suppression fire it could be a great bit of fun once or twice, but mowing down running people would be boring after awhile and using one in stealthy infiltration would be silly.

You brought up Civil War games so I assumed that you meant that they had succeeded in the FPS market, since I didn't know any I asked about them. Do you mean that because a non-FPS game can be popular or good that an FPS must be as well? Or are you just saying that a WW1 game could be of a different genre, that I would agree with as well.

Really I have only been saying that this could make a good game if done right, I am agreeing it would be a cool thing. Everyone of my points is a carefully thought out reason for why it could not be a fast paced FPS but rather why it would need to be a much slower stealth based one. This is a much more niche market and thus is a riskier move for a game company. And that is simply why you have not seen one and will never get one like the current CoD or MoH. Perhaps a smaller company willing to take a big risk could make such a old school MoH game, pushing ideas and concepts to their limit and I would snap that game up fast.
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