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It isn't just the battles, it is also the weapons. Most of the guns at the time were all single action. The machine guns were mounted not mobile, leading to a much slower game style. Can't waste your shots when you only have one. Making WW1 into a CoD or MoH game would fail, that is why I suggested a better format for it one that takes into account the much slower (to people who play the very fast paced CoD/MoH) gameplay and makes it an advantage.

WW1 also has a less clear bad guy, Germany was attacking other countries but they weren't NAZI's this time around. The evil deeds of the NAZI party is well known and it adds to the WW2 games, the bad guys are BAD and you can enjoy killing them without the guilt of remembering they were just people. For a lazy story writer that presents a problem, or to one on a heavy time line to get a games story finished.
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