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I never said a game about it could not be good, just not as fast paced as CoD and MoH are now. The WW1 battles did move fast at times, but for a lot they were slow. And the trench warfare aspect would be a poor game I think. However a well thought out game could be made and it could be good, very very good.

A desperate commando unit, sneaking past enemy lines to plant bombs, mines to snipe at enemy generals. The slower pace would annoy many gamers I think, but I think it could blow my little mind. Off in the distance the artirrely bombardments hiding your movement into the enemy trenches, the sounds of theirs returning fire, the ground thumping and shaking, the desperate speed needed to do the job and return before you are caught. Oh yes it could be a great game...just not a CoD or MoH.
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