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Do you know Battlegrounds 2 for Half Life 2? Not exactly WW1 (not at all), but it's a civil war mod. Lousy guns and linebattles (2 groups facing each other in 2 rows, one kneeing, one standing, waiting for the commander to give the shoot command and if you're out of ammo: charge with a bayonet). Sounds lame, but it's fantastic. I think the gameplay of a WWI shooter could also be intense. You're fighting desperatly for every inch of land and once you get it, you won't be willing to give it away the easy way. I hope, they do it right (looks like they already did a lot right, after watching the trailer)!
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Because sitting in trenches for years on end is kinda is charging over the trench wall into machine gun fire or artillery. Making WW1 into a fast paced game like CoD or MoH would be hard work, I could see a more stealth focused version similar to how MoH started.
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