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Default Wibarm, DOS, (getting out of the 2nd City)

Sorry if I posted this somewhere else then I should, but I'm a bit unsure about this. It's abandonware on DOS, but not on the site yet, so I was hesitant to try to get it posted in the site section.

So I randomly discovered this Broderbund published genre-blending action RPG and I realy like it.

But the problem is I'm in the second city and have done everything I
can think of, even found two monsters in secret rooms that I didn't
find when I ran across the other secret rooms behind walkthrough walls
before, and I don't have the master key unit (level key) to get to
level 3 and can't think of a place to get it.

The only place I haven't gotten to yet is a locked zone in the TV Station. It looks like a factory on the map though, and keys don't work on it. I've looked through the whole internet, but there are no walkthrough, guides,
FAQs, longplays or letsplays (minus one, incomplete and with it's
author being....unreachable in the next few years), I couldn't even
find any gameplay videos of any of the japanese computer versions on
Nico Nico Douga, except one that was 5 minutes long.

I've already checked every single wall tile (and alot of the red tiles as well) adjacent to a non-filled out are or even just a larger series of wall tiles and couldn't find anything. So any help would be very appreciated.

I asked around on several different places, even messaging LGR, since I first saw the game in his videos, but no one seems able to give me an answer. There must be something I'm missing, but I have no idea what it is and it's driving me crazy.
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