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Talking Trying to Remember a Super Old Star Wars Game

Hey guys,

This may be useless since I probably don't have enough info to go off of, but I have, for some time now, been trying to track down a game I used to have when I was a little kid. It was a Star Wars game but I think it is unlikely that it was officially licensed. I don't even remember if it was called Star Wars.

The graphics were very simple (this would have been very early 80s). They may have even been text-character-based. I remember that the screen was black and the characters were red. The game simulated the final Death Star battle from A New Hope. You played as the rebel X-Wings, which I believe were just little x's and the Tie Fighters were little h's. I think there were like three stages and the final one had the Death Star.

I can't remember much else about it, save for that I loved playing it as a small boy. Also, we switched from a Tandy to an IBM-Compatible in the 80's as well so it could have been on either, but I seem to recall it being on the IBM.

One thing I know for sure though, is that it was NOT a Star Wars Arcade Game port.

I don't know if this rings any bells for anyone but myself, but if it does, please give me a shout here. I'd love to find it again.

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