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Well, I believe I said all that was necessary to be said. I do not think there is any more need for me to post information on this thread...

However, I will again highlight some important and positive aspects that I have learned from all of this:

01) Physical activities are a kind of Therapy and Remedy;
02) Physical activities are natural Anti-depressant;
03) Physical activities are natural Anxiolytic;
04) Physical activities are natural Anti-stress;
05) Physical activities save on drug costs without undesirable Adverse Effects;
06) Physical activities help decrease the going to Doctors and thus reducing costs with Medical Appointments;
07) Physical activities improve Rationalization and Mental Concentration through the creation of more Brain Neurons;
08) Physical activities improve Sleep without Medication;
09) Physical activities improve Self-confidence;
10) Physical activities improve Self-esteem;
11) Etc.

Obviously, there are people who unfortunately suffer from Mental Disorders (Stress, Anxiety, Depression and other Diseases of modern life!) that require the use of drugs on an ongoing basis. However, Physical Activities can help reduce drug use by the benefits I mentioned above.
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