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Rectifying some incorrect information:

1) Running at 10 km / h for 90 minutes on a 15 km course (high impact on the knees, heels, shins and ankles) and Jogging at 8 km / h for 10 minutes on a 1.33 km course using Exercise Treadmill;
02) Jogging at 8 km / h for 120 minutes on a 16 km course (jogging causes less impact on the knees and heels) using Exercise Treadmill;
03) Indoor Cycling / Spinning at 38 km / h ~ 42 km / h for 120 minutes (the problem is the seat being hard and causing discomfort over time) using Stationary Bicycle.

On very hot days, I exercise for 15 minutes and then I rest and wash my hands.

I forgot to mention that unlike the past when I was outdoors, I now decided to practice physical activities at the Condominium Gym where I live.

So, I do not have to worry about Rain (Brazil is a record holder in Lightning Strikes!), Run over, etc.

Practicing physical activity alone at the Condo Gym can be somewhat lonely and boring, but as I watch TV with the air conditioning turned on and I rest at regular intervals until it does not get as tedious as I hoped it would be.

And another thing I took into consideration is that I do not consider physical exercises as a burden or obligation, but with pleasure and optimism to improve health and also as a therapy. So time does not go so slowly.

The important thing is to change the mentality or posture:

Do not say “Ugh! Damn it! There is still 60 minutes left to complete the daily physical exercises!”

Say, “That is good, I am losing weight and I am grateful that I am able to do physical activities without pain.” “Good thing I am improving my health!” “Good thing I am strengthening my body muscles by now!” “Just 60 minutes for me to finish my physical activities for the day!”

In short, feel optimism, gratitude and perseverance! The attitude and behavior changes the situation completely!
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