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Continuing my narrative of the long journey towards weight loss... *Phew* *Whew*

I lost over 21.0 kg including gaining muscle mass. My BMI is <23 at the moment and I intend to get to weight with BMI 22 when I lose only another 2 kg. Alleluia!

However, if I disregard the gain of muscle mass (my silhouette is quite thin *Phew* *Whew*), my BMI could be almost 21 or <21 after losing another 2 kg... *Phew* *Whew*

In the past, I did not know the subject of the body getting used to, reducing metabolism and being harder to lose weight. Now, I am varying my physical activities:

01) Running at 10 km / h for 90 minutes on a 15 km course (high impact on the knees, heels, shins and ankles);
02) Jogging at 8 km / h for 120 minutes on a 16 km course (jogging causes less impact on the knees and heels);
03) Indoor Cycling / Spinning at 39 km / h ~ 40 km / h for 120 minutes (the problem is the seat being hard and causing discomfort over time ).

And her are my stimulus and challenge: it is never too late to start a physical activity. The most important and difficult thing is to take the first and step out of the comfort zone. Oh, also maintain perseverance, patience and optimism!

I always like these expressions, very true and wise:

01) Sooner rather than late!
02) He who warns you is a true friend!

Finally my long journey of weight reduction is coming to an end and I intend to now maintain my weight after losing another 2 kg. And I will go back to eating meat and junk food only on weekends...
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