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Talking Save during battle!!

Originally Posted by Scatty View Post
Congratulations on winning Risen 1 once again Yoga, and I think I can very well understand your wish to play it once more. Waiting to get it soon as well and see for myself.

Yendorian Tales Book I Chapter 2. I've got that one and part 3 - The Tyrants of Thaine, but not the first game in the trilogy (still happy I have those games preserved).
Only played the second part, that was very, very long ago, some beginning of 2000 or so, on a Windows 95 computer, in Ms-Dos. It's a bit like Might & Magic, tile-based movement in a 3D-looking world, and (for that time it came out) quite good graphics too, every monster nicely animated. Was pretty fun as well, it's purely a dungeon (and surface) crawler RPG with some ok story.

Not a very much known game series, those are true underdogs, similar to WarWizard.

Спасибо Вам Большое!

Danke Sehr!

Thank you very much!

Well, this is absolutely user friendly game..

Example: I had quest: Collect all 5 pieces of Titan Armor.
But in one moment i was in very bad situation..
brave is in corridor.
In front are 3 elite lizard warriors.
Behind me is lava, No way to run.
I trued to attack first with 2-3 Fireball hits and then continue with my Titan sword. In vain. Because they are very fast, strong and ...3! I tried help of Skeleton, transfered myself in Ashbeast, no result.
After 3 hours of hopeless attempts i remembered that best defense is attack. I advanced to see that monsters are located in small room. I started again. Hurray! I killed the first one. Then i save my progress.

Can you tell me pls another game which allows Save in battle?!

So brave slow, clever step by step beats warriors. Using Save option.

Dear Scatty,
Glaube ich richtig, das The Ultima IX - Ascension is in German only?
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