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Default [Eagle of Fire] Netstorm: Islands at War

Hi all,

There is this game that I played a demo of, and I loved it, but never managed to play the actual game. It's been bugging me for the last 15 years or so, and I all but lost the hope of finding it - but hey, miracles happen, maybe one of you guys will recognise it.

Here is what I can remember:

- It was definitely in the 90's, most likely mid-nineties.
- The game was a tower strategy of sorts. I do not remember the exact gameplay, but it certainly involved building various types of towers on islands floating in the sky. Most(?) towers could shoot at enemy towers, but each type had different limitations. Any tower that got destroyed would crumble and fall from the sky.
- It definitely had some sort of real-time element, but I am not certain whether it was real-time altogether, or whether you could (for example) place your initial towers and then "play the time".
- The game had a sort of fantasy setting - I don't remember any distinct feature, but it certainly wasn't a "high-tech" sci-fi game.
- I recall being impressed with the graphics at the time, so it must have been better than 320x200 (or really, really well drawn); Most likely, it ran in 640x480, and had 256 or more colours.
- The graphics were 2D, but had a pseudo 3D (isometric or similar) view.
- It can't have been a massive game, or I would have heard of it. In fact, it is entirely possible the the game was rubbish, only I happened to like it at the time.
- I saw and played a demo. It may have been that, for some reason, the game never actually got released.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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