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Hi Guys, I'm very new here so I was wondering if you can help with problem. Ive just downloaded Settlers 2 which I have loved plying for many years. Ive just brought myself a new laptop and unfortunately Settlers 2 doesn't work as it asked for a com port2. Ive looked at this: Troubleshooting

There are 2 occasional problems running Settlers 2 that I am currently aware of.

1. An error about no COM-2 port.

This is usually caused because Settlers 2 supports two players on 1 computer with a split screen mode. It looks for mice on the COM ports but the majority of users today have PS2 or USB mice. If you do not have a COM-2 port enabled on your system you will get an error. The easiest solution is to change your COM-1 port (if you have on) to be COM-2. Settlers 2 seems happy without a COM-1 port if you have a USB or PS2 mouse.
To change your COM port open device manager, and expand "Ports".
Open the properties for COM-1, select the "port settings" tab and click on the "advanced" button.
Change the port to COM2 in the pull-down box, click ok, and click OK again to close the properties.
Close device manager and try re-running Settlers 2.

2. The game simply wont run with or without the patches.

The first thing to try is re-installing the game. If that doesn't solve the problem then try disabling the in-game sounds.
You should run the game by double-clicking on "S2.exe", not "Settler2.exe".
As a last resort you can try using the "NoLFB" utility by Ken Silverman. Download NoLFB from JonsGuides [1 Kb]

BUT my laptop doesn't have any ports!!!!! can any one help?? Thanks

the same thing happens to me... but i just click "Ignore" then the game starts unfortunetly there's no sound that way :blink: