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Originally Posted by Geordy View Post
Another day in the World of Xeen. Enjoy!

Great day of course.

I enjoyed Your nice gaming and smilling comments.

May i politely note that having 5400 golds is not bad idea to donate some miserable 10 golds.
Or You keep money for bad days?
ha ha ha

Keep doing! Do not forget it is a looooooooooooong game. Very.

Generally this is the best idea for me realized last days in AB.
Master Scatty,
maybe You will do the same with Wizardry 8 or Gnadige Kmonster?
I will be the first admirer at the first chair in publuc..
Ja oder nein?

Dear Geordy, Guten Tag.
Wie geht Es Ihnen heute?

I would like to do some polite comments of Yr nice gaming.

I will speak howto better battle strategy.

1. As i mentioned before there are 2 weels, when You leave Vertigo.
First is 2 steps left and gives +5 Armor clases.
Second will give You +50 HP.

2. Having 5400 Golds is good idea to buy some attack spells, which will help to beat these nasty Toger Moles. Do not keep money for bad days.
Buy spells Pain, Sharpmetal for both strong Spellcasters. With these spells the battle with Moles will be piece of cake.

3. Also increasing Yr levels is good.
Ich beobachte You do not want to sleep. Why?
Keep foods? But they cost 10 golds only.

4. It is good idea to drink liquids from barrels only the member with lots of same characteristic - zum beispiel - Speed and so weiter.

May i very, very politely ask:
Pls, reduce if possible the scenes when gamer checks some tree to find 1 gold. Or change of weapons and armors between team members.

Good Luck!

yoga the brave is with You.
i count the days to Friday.
Do not make personal remarks - said Alice.
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