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Hmm, wish I knew.. anyways the original title of this topic was Star Trek: Final Unity.. well I have that CD.. still works and runs great.

I use DOSBox CVS 0.62 (not official and built by me with the full array of options) ...

Back to STTNG: Final Unity...

I loved this game is was the last best ST adventure game I do agree. I also have the Collector's Edition of TOS: Judgement Rites and located a ripped ISO of TOS: Star Trek 25th Annivesary games. I remember playing this game over and over and the game is playable in DOSBox CVS. You need to up Mouse Sensitivity to like 500+ for the mouse to be usable to click on things. Of course you need to downgrade everything to make it perform reasonably well on DOSBox.

I have a Pentium 4 2.4 gHz (Gateway All The Way Babay!) , 256 MBs of RAM, GeForce 4 Ti 4200 w/ AGP 8x and 128 mb onboard memory. My family growing up always got Gateways. We've only had 3 computers plus the old Commodore 64 computer for my entire life.

The oldest computer technically would be the Commodore 64. My dad keeps the old beast running because he listens to SID music on it for time to time and plays Drelbs which is a very old logic oriented game of run and not be killed. Very intelligent logic coding.

The next would be the old 386 SX/DX w/ 33 mHz (Turbo Speed Button ),4 MBs of RAM, 4x CD-ROM, A and B Floppy Drives, Soundblaster Pro Soundcard which still running and only has one bad sector on the original HardDrive with 210 mbs of space. :P.

The next after this would be the Pentium 2 w/ MMX, 64 MBs of RAM, Ensoniq Soundscape Wavetable Card, S3 Virge GX/DX card. Not bad for it's time and it kept going for a very long time until I went to college.

For which MY COMPUTER comes into existance.. Bah ha ha ha... Of course it's already obesolte but that's okay since it was far enough ahead when I bought it that I'm not too shabby .

But I still have much more in games to find ...
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