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Originally Posted by Capo View Post
Ahaha you posts are always funny

-I think you completely missed the story of the game, are you skipping the dialogues?

-You want to be rich at the start of the game? Is never like that, you will have no money problems going ahead with the game

-You dont need any specific ability to progress into the game

-The map is quite simple: to unlock an area for fast travel you have to actually walk there. Big shock!

- No, I've not skipped the dialogue. YOU on the other hand likely did.

- I want services affordable. And I'm not just not rich, I don't see where riches will come from.

- you DO need specific abilities to unlock certain areas of the game. I'm a completionist.

- the map SHOULD be simple, but it does not service the player. Why are there places I've never even heared of? (And as told, i've checked the manual if there's a lore-section or something, and there isn't.) Why are places I know of (sent to) not on the map? And why I have to check all exits from a location to have all locations next to the current one get unlocked (stupid Baldur's Gate mechanic?
And given this looks like an open-world game, why the worldmap doesn't work as in a Fallout? I press a destination, and I don't have to unlock jack shit! Crap, this isn't even Might and Magic, where you had a clearly full map to walk across in any direction. Here the limit of walking is arbitrary. Why the heck can't I go west? Or north? Or west when out of the imploding cave?

+ come to think of it, when will the game start, when will I get out of the Tutorial Area? Bloody Stronghold has its own menu-button from the start, but there's no spoon, I mean stronghold. If the button would not be there it'd be fine, but this...
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