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Default Doodle Champion Island Games

Woah, Google really made a "minigam"! Crap, it is a full realease game!
I suggest to immerse in it, do the trophy-tasks before doing the seven main minigame. The tasks create immersion, and even unlock different difficulties of the minigames.
Unfortunately there aren't unlockables for all areas, like the rugby game I found none, but for the table-tennis, and guitar hero ("syncronized swimming" in the game) had easy, normal and hard diffs. Marathon had normal and hard, so 2 diff there. Won't spoil the rest.

The best part of course are the clips of occasions. Too bad after collecting all the trophies there is no option to sail away and restart the game, so yu'll be stuck with 1 team, though I bet all 4 team basically have the same HQ.
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