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Yes, it exists. I had it on a damaged floppy disk and was able to recover 2 files: one of the ck6 files, and an .nfo file with this content:

              Commander Keen VI: Aliens Ate My Babysitter
                           by Apogee Software

Cracking: Simple Doc Check
Graphics: VGA/EGA/CGA
Controls: Keyboard/Joystick/Moose
Sound:    Squeaker/Adlib

Cracking Notes:
   Ooh, Apogee resorts to COPY PROTECTION!  Wow..  Here's Yet Another Commander
   Keen Game!


The Humble Guys are:
   Fabulous Furlough, NightWriter, The Slavelord, Eddie Haskell, Predator,
   Mr. Plato, Fletcher Christian, BamBam, Lord Zombie, Black Plague, Sauron,
   The PieMaN (George), And The Mad Scientist.

                                 쿟he Humble Boards
Members  쿟he Slave Den               (904) 331-1038  The Slavelord       
         쿞pamLand (3 nodes)          (508) 831-0131  Eddie Haskel        
         쿛lato's Place (6 nodes)     (618) 254-5263  Mr. Plato           
         쿟he P.I.T.S. (5 Nodes)      (718) THE-PITS  The PieMaN          
         쿓MS Bounty (3 nodes)        (XXX) XXX-XXXX  Fletch              
         쿔ron Fortress               (XXX) XXX-XXXX  Predator            
Boards   쿏ownTown                    +31-5750-29313  BamBam              
         쿟he Inferno                 (416) 841-1933  Black Plague        
Dist.    쿐lusive Dream               (317) 452-1257  The Toyman          
         쿟he Ice Castle              +47   XXX-XXXX  The Iceman          
Sites    쿍lack Ice                   (904) 377-1325  Chaos               
         쿏ark Data Security          +39 2 29519751  Tom Cat             
         쿞kull Island                (514) 647-3096  Skoal Bandit        
         쿎oncrete Sea                (901) 274-0019  Razor Face          
         쿎loud Nine Elite            (XXX) XXX-XXXX  Nimbus              
         쿟he Demon's Forge           +44-282-22514   Bryn Rogers         
         쿟he Toy Box                 (614) 436-9863  Totally Insane      
         쿍ig City Lights             (XXX) XXX-XXXX  The Hook            
         쿟he Rose Garden(The Den)    (XXX) XXX-XXXX  Hal 9000            
         쿟he Eclipse BBS             (XXX) XXX-XXXX  The Mustang         

Unfortunately all the other files are lost. So I have no clue if this one had a THG "cracktro" like Prince of Persia / Lemmings /... I only now it was a THG release...
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