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Originally Posted by tienkhoanguyen View Post
Dear Myst,

Although OneDrive free if you use less than 15 GB is limited it is free and works for limited backup purposes if you need less than 15 GB.

Neville: I don't trust online servers either however I try to cover all my loopholes. My permanent solution is CD/DVD [but not RW (ReWritable) ones]. Make sure you look for the label RW on your CD and DVD you buy. If it is RW it could be erased easily!

I am just grateful in the 30 years I've used computers give or take a big period of rest that what was lost doesn't really matter. Something new always comes to replace the old unfortunately if you are old [I miss my grandparents].
Okay, Captien Bible . But in my opinion, Dropbox is better at reliability, options than OneDrive. Not to mention that Microsoft 2-step security is pretty bad. It is the worst!

In relation to the media, I believe they are out of date. Why?

They are slow to be written and to copy data to the PC ;

They are also very sensitive, as it has happened that the media could be illegible over time ;

And not to mention that the quality media (Verbatim) are very expensive for what they offer .

Thus, I prefer pen drives, memory cards and external hard drives. Or use Dropbox because I use the paid version 4 years and a half ago and there have never been any problems with my account.

Of course there may be problems with some users, but the percentage will be very small. And not to mention that you can activate 2-step security to increase security.

In the beginning, there in the previous years, the security code took time to arrive your SMS. Now, the arrival is almost immediate!
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