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Default Transferring characters to Wizardry 3

I have the ultimate wizardry archives, and here is my procedure:
(make sure the save1.dsk or save2.dsk is in the same directory as the wiz3)
E)dge of town
M)ove Characters
select from which my case 1) Proving Grounds and 2) Knight of Diamonds. I picked 1
select your character(s) and hit enter
go back to the E)dge of town
T)raining ground
I)nspect character - your new characters should be visible
select your new character
enter to leave that character. select another and repeat if needed
enter to leave training grounds
new character should now be visible in Gilgamesh's Tavern

Note: be careful that you don't have too many characters in Wiz3 before you start this. Also, for the transfer process, use your dosbox settings to slow down wiz3 as much as possible, so you can read any error messages that come up. This is available in the CPU section of D-Fend Reloaded profile for the game. I had about 200 cycles to read the messages. That's how I found out I had a full roster, and it wouldn't transfer.
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