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Originally Posted by Abandoned Witch View Post
Poems of the Abandoned Witchbell
-by Abandoned Witch-

~Abandoned Witchbell's Dreams~

In my time, I've wandered everywhere
Around this world, hope will always be there.
My destiny is my only chance to live on my own
In days I had loved and grown.

I've heard someone found the witch bell in a tower far away
and it tolls, waiting to help people find their way
A new light shines when everyone sees
with their hearts and their minds.

In certain days, in certain nights
In times they wont see the light
I wonder what dreams the witch bell had?
My heart knows that if I saw the witch bell I'll be glad.

The days of lore will never fall
If I represent myself to all
I've asked my friend if she wants to see the bell
as happy as I would tell.

Is it the time for the story to be told?
or the time world starts to get cold?
If these witch bell dreams are real
They would be in a glorious ordeal.

I am standing in the edge of glory
with my own hope and reality
The witch bell stands in my visions however
Someday we will live with the witch bell forever.


Mysterious, spookey, I like it ..
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