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Originally posted by BUFFY@Jan 20 2005, 07:10 AM
Im looking for the name of the game I used to play aswell.

It was a helicopter game with apache's and blackhawks, and heaps more. You create a profile then do missions.... blow up enemys base, tank convey, drop/pickup troops or supplies. You can select the weapons, fuel amount etc.

It begins with just you, then as you get experience you have other people you can order (set points on the map). The profiles have pictures like Eagles or Indian Headrest... and the opening of the game has a Apache flying up from the bottom then letting off some missles...

I was thinking along the lines of Apache 2000 or something (played it in about 1995 maybe?!!) but i can't find it anywhere. Im searching for Apache but that may be my downfall if it isn't even close to the name.

If anyone has any clue that'd be fantastic!* :Brain:

Gunship 2000??
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