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Default M.A.X. [GOG]


first of all I have to say hello to all around as this is my first entry in here.
During the last weeks i took a fancy to all my old dos games as I found several floppies in some old dusty boxes... :whistle: Then I remembered a game, actually I can't find it anymore, it was like an adventure, you looked on the scene frome above, had a choice of some heroes (also male and female(!) giants), could equip them with tools and weapons, and I think you also had some magic spells if you gained more and more experience. The scenery was little bit ancientish, but fantasy, all desert-like and (I guess it was in the beginning) you had to fight your way out of an arena.
That game influenced some weeks (or months) of my life as it was in some way addictive. :w00t:

By the way, I've been searching for M.A.X. and also Z and you've been talking about that games, too - they are being sold on ebay and other auctions, but maybe they are also abandoned, hopefully. Does anyone know about that?
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