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Default [Amayirot Akago] Capture the Flag

This game I played on a Windows 3.11 or 95, it was possibly a DOS game.
You had a team of players to play capture the flag. You would view from the top. I remember you could select different speeds and those would cause more action points to be spent. Terrain would also affect action points. I guess they affected visibility, but I don't remember those details. If you found someone from the other team in you side, you could try to capture them, and they could try to capture you in their side. I think capture was temporary, but I'm not sure. The objective was either only to get the flag, or get it and return, I can't remember.
I remember no sounds at all. Graphics were simple, but detailed enough. Colors were mostly flat.

EDIT: Forget it, I have found the game.
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