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Dragom recently contacted me regarding some things with the FTP:
Btw dude - you may notice that I am not staff here since I fucked the magazine up. ^
(well, really, Microsoft did. But I've forgiven them for that update even if my HDD hasn't...)
I don't mind answering your emails, but please note that I am unable to do anything here, like sort out your FTP stuff, anymore.

--- On Thu, 18/3/10, <Dragom> wrote:

From: <Dragom>
Subject: AB stuff
To: <Shithead>
Date: Thursday, 18 March, 2010, 12:33

Hi, Peter

How are you?
Sorry for bothering...
I was pleased - and even a bit amazed - for the many cover images on site. But it seems that the good impression didn't last much:
preparing myself to upload some more stuff, I went to the FTP to take a look at my folder: it just wasn't there...
Do you know, eventually what happened? In fact I could only see there a small bunch of folders and all belonging to staff members.

Thanks anyway
Best regards

--- On Thu, 18/3/10, <Shithead> wrote:

From: <Shithead>
Subject: AB stuff
To: <Dragom>
Date: Thursday, 18 March, 2010, 16:38

Alright Joao mate,

Don't panic man! All your stuff is still there, it is just moved out of the public areas and has been filed slightly differently to the last time you accessed the FTP.

The FTP was recently reorganised due to being very, very messy.
All user folders were removed and the files (that AB use) are now organised for storage by game instead. To make sure AB staff know who submitted what, a file is inserted that states who uploaded them.
To upload them to the FTP, however, you still need to have a folder with your name on. So many people had folders on there who rarely used them - most containing some decent games that hadn't gone on site yet and had been sitting there for donkey's.

Don't you think it's better to have it organised by game rather than by person? I do.

The reason that the current folders are mostly staff is because it is mostly the staff who submit things to Abandonia.

I had created a folder using my AB username to upload something to the FTP. It is now empty, the file was moved to the staff areas of the FTP (to be put in the right place so it can be downloaded off the site); the folder has since been removed.
It keeps things tidier and facilitates things for the people who upload to the FTP server and those that have to do the work to get those things available for the people who download stuff.

If you want to upload some more of your collections, you'll have to notify one of the Abandonia staff through the forum > your offers thread.
Process is the same as always:

*You post in the forum that you have things to upload, listing them so they can be approved or whatever by one of the updaters who deals with that.
*When the games/extras/files have been approved, a folder will be sorted out for you to upload it all to.

Maybe you'll have to create it, but I'm unsure as to whether normal users can create things in the FTP's root directory.
You'll have to ask someone about that in the forums > your offers thread.

You know what I mean about that..?

I'll make a post in your offers thread to confirm a few things

Take it easy man - good to hear from you again.
Anyway - I'm putting this here so you guys can see what I said, what he said, in case anyone searches the forums about this issue (that their folder has gone) and in case anyone wants to make a sticky post explaining how the new FTP system works and how the AB staff haven't deleted people's stuff.

Oh, and Dragom! Don't open the box!!!
That is pretty good you have a sealed copy of the limited edition one. Awesome
I think you have the book I meant now - the paperback one..? I think I remember you telling me you got hold of it.
Actually, now I think about it... It could've been given away at the game shops for going in and buying the game the day it came out and not included otherwise. A bit like they have the pre-order bonuses (that are usually pretty shit) for spending an extra 20 on a game.

Some gay statue or a lump of plasticy metal stuff and an extra skin or whatever.

I'd rather have a book or a poster or a T-shirt, like with Half Life 1&2, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Left 4 Dead and Adeptus Titanicus. That Titan comic is great!

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