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Originally Posted by MrFlibble View Post
Rise of the Triad: The H.U.N.T. Begins (PC shareware)
  • The shareware episode also serves as a "prequel" to the retail game, Rise of the Triad: Dark War and has completely different levels. The music is the same though.
  • A commercial version of The H.U.N.T. Begins is also known to exist, which has a few more levels compared to the shareware version.
Actually the complete shareware campaign with all of it's (secret)levels is also included in the full version of Rise of the Triad and can be selected in setup.exe instead of the full version campaign.

There was also a Christmas Edition of Wolfenstein 3D although an unofficial one, it was rather a modding attempt although unfortunately it was only limited to a shareware version of the game. It had completely different units and the end-boss - Santa's with pistols, snowballs throwing Snowmen and a fat Santa with two huge chainguns as the final boss. The various wall graphics and sprites were also different, with scriptures like "Santa is a fat git" on the walls, some children's portraits instead of Hitler's in the original game. The pickup-goodies for points and healing were also replaced with various Christmas goodies like candies, in other words it was a complete re-work of the original demo version.
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