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Smile Smiley; Capo; Missy hehe

To whom it may concern,

I really miss you all especially Missy. I figure I check in on all of you to see how you are doing. It is good to be in private because you get to hug but that is reserved for your spouse. I have changed a bit since last. Settled down more. Growing greyer. I have black hair but the ends of my hair are grey tipped for some reason haha. I am glad to see you are all here. I have taken a break from programming since you last saw me# I just do not have the drive that I once had. My relationship with my stepdad is better. I continue to talk about Holy Mary not too much but it is more a private matter. It is like a constant thought repeating "O Mary! Conceived without sin pray for us who have recoursed to thee." haha Actually I were a medal my mom bought for me that says that with an engraving of Mary on it. I too were a Saint Benedict medal and that is all the two I have time for. The Saint Benedict medal helps ward off bad karma. They are heirloom to me from my parents that the world does not care about. However I have come to the reality that no matter what my family raised me. The world might think my family is nothing but that is where I came from... Vietnam a poor country. I just ordered from China our relatives and people complain they are cheap but I am from a poor country. haha

Now Missy I have to move to Capo... dear Capo dude. Make sure you marry the right spouse your race. I always like Italians. Well besides saying age should be within 2 years apart the sex has to be opposite to have babies!!! haha I do not care what the current law is#

Now for Smiley... I like Russia. I have a friend who has a name that is from Russia. But she is Vietnam. haha
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