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Originally Posted by APFelon View Post

Keep in mind that since I live in the United States, many of the manuals are different from the European versions and almost always unilingual (English).

For example, my copy of the Alone in the Dark manual is in gray scale and is entirely in English. The one featured here is in colour and has several Eurpoean languages.

I also have manuals for games that (I imagine) are abandonware but aren't featured here (yet)... Roadwar Europa for example. Would you want those for "the future", or wait until the software has been approved and featured here?

What about literature that comes with the game? The North American version of Alone in the Dark came with a faux newspaper called "The Mystery Examiner". Would you want a scan of that...? The North American game Elite came with a short novel called "The Dark Wheel". Do you want a scan?

How about install guides, in-box adverts and "trinkets"? Is that beyond the scope of what you want?
just submit it all. We will check on FTP what could be used and what not.
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