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Hey y'all,

First off: thanks, The Fifth Horseman, for providing this copy of Windows 3.11, and Eagle of Fire, for providing some troubleshooting tips.

For anyone who's using this forum post as an installation guide, I wanted to clarify some of the troubleshooting information that Fifth Horseman and Eagle so kindly provided.

Let's assume you have a c:\dosgames you are mounting as the C drive in DOSBox.
If you unpack the archive to c:\dosgames, mount that as the C drive in DOSBox and then enter windows, the package will start correctly.
When FH says “unpack the archive,” they mean “after unzipping the .rar file, open the unzipped folder called Windows 3 for DOSbox, and move the contents of the unzipped folder to the folder you use as your virtual c: drive in DOSbox.”

I initially interpreted “unpack the archive” as “unzip the .rar file,” which, once you do that, gives you a single Windows 3 for Dosbox folder, so I just moved that folder as a single unit to my root folder. But, like Eagle said, you cannot run Windows 3 from a subdirectory, which the unzipped folder becomes when you move it into the root folder.

It isn't intuitive to non-programmers that you can't just move the entire folder as a single unit to your root folder, especially considering that DOSbox is generally used to directly run .exe files of retro games, and those can be run from subdirectories just fine. I hope this clears things up!
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