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Default Ignition


Info: Abandonia, MobyGames

  • billionuploads [CUE] [272 MB]
    - All available languages included: English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German and French! The German and the French version have separate executables: BLE_***.exe and FUN_***.exe
    - all three versions: the MS-DOS version preinstalled with DOSBox, the Windows version updated to v6.56, the 3Dfx version (Release 3) with nGlide preinstalled
    - The DOSBox version is preconfigured and automatically mounts the CD image. To play the Windows and 3Dfx version with music, mount Ignition.cue with a Virtual Drive Manager or burn the image on a CD.
    Make sure that it's mounted/inserted in the first CD/DVD/BD drive or the music won't play.
    - All versions are playable with the original music
    - Extras: High res icon by thedoctor45, English and French manual
    - Note: The German version is missing the MS-DOS version of the game and the manual, I couldn't find it anywhere
  • MEGA [CUE] [278 MB]
    - Audio *ONLY* CD image
    - Confirmed to work with 3dfx version and v2 patched ign_win.exe,
    - Extract with 7-zip, mount .cue or can be burned on a physical CD

Uploaded by: ADHDerby
Uploaded by: RandomGuy999

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