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I almost failed to notice that Spectre had edited his post to say that he's uploaded screenshots. That means we have the materials we need, and it only remains to prepare the archive and publish the game page.

I can do it, if Marko doesn't, I'll try to find time this week. I wouldn't be against giving you updater access, but if it's only for one single occasion, it takes as much or more work to tell you how than to do it ourselves (no trivial amount either way).

When users ask via Facebook why their submissions aren't published, let them know that we can't do it without screenshots at the very least. We used to require a review (grammar-checked), and we used to ration updates to maintain a constant flow of news posts, so it could be slower in the past (except now there are no updates at all unless someone nags us to publish something specific). I think rationing updates makes no sense at least nowadays if ever, and I can relax the requirement for a review since we can't expect to get them; but the game page would look too poor without screenshots, and making them takes too little work to be excused.
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