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Talking Ah, Dear Me...

Ha, yes, I know you can't lose the rights to someone, LOL, it was a point and a joke.
The reason there aren't many who checked it out is because there aren't many who have checked out the site, so to speak.

By this I mean, it's hidden in a little corner. I myself Stumbled upon it when I went looking through all of the home page drop down links.
It didn't seem heavily advertised to me, but then again, I wasn't here when it came out, so there's no telling for me.
I think it could've easily slipped past most members heads.
You guys have enough dedicated Forum members. Perhaps some of them did not hear of it? Perhaps their intrest never became sparked? Perhaps some are more dedicated to the forum then the games and activities?
Possibly any and all of the above.

There's nobody to lose rights to, the problem is that the zine both lacks content and editors.
Hmm... Sooner or later it will happen. Content and Editors, that is.
Use the Content, Anarchy.
I said that AB negligence killed the zine, Anarchy.
When Fifth became Darth Fifth he stopped being admin and became Darth Horseman.
So what I said was true, in a way, Anarchy.

ACHEM. Anyway...

Well, I'll have you know I read a good bit of the last magazine issue!
not all, But not just a skim, a good bit.
I thought it would be incredibly awesome if it happened every month or few months (Even a year would do!!)

But I guess the truth is, this isn't a magazine crew. You don't get paid to do it.
You already have AB to take care of. Doing both at the same time, kind of puts too much pressure on the Admin.
That said, a new issue would be like GOLD to me!

Also, consider plastering this sign up around town:

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