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Default JESUS! Jokes.....

Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
Captien Bible... What the duck am I reading!?

My expression had been just a figure of speech...

Luckily I do not drink, smoke or use drugs.

On the other hand, I am pretty addicted to Puns 101, (Infamous and Unfunny Bad) Jokes 101 and Nonsense stuff 101...

By the way, I believe you said that Capo and I are both guys. This could create misunderstandings and embarrassment... Well, at least I am a heterosexual guy...

You can only check the user’s genre as long as he / she is an old user (I am not sure what the last registration date would be) and the user’s number.

For example:

• Capo: 11003 ;

• Japo(deis): 6590 ;

Paco: 9719 ;

Cyber-Bonk: 33205 ;

Poke-man: 27490 ;

• etc.
Dear Myst,

Since you are addicted to jokes I will have to enable you! So here goes:

There is this guy watching a game from across the stadium.
He sees a girl leaning on a rail taking a selfie.
He was scared she was going to fall over the rail down the high walkway.
So catching her attention while she was watching over the rail...
He tripped and fell on the walkway.
She saw him fall so stopped leaning on the rail!
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