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Originally Posted by Japo View Post
Thank you! In the name of the people who did contribute to the magazine (not really myself, who tried the first issue but became frustrated after the first issue got stuck for months before it had to change editor)... I'm sure they'll appreciate these words.

I like your ideas, and I agree it's good to make the magazine shorter considering how much work it takes.

I don't think I have a way to measure downloads of the issues or anything like that. I wonder if the backend admins could, if I ever asked. I suspect past traffic estimations must come only from readers who later post on the forums to communicate their appreciation or feedback. This isn't a reliable measure -- as your own case illustrates, if this is the first time you post about it.

Whom to discuss the magazine with, is whoever replies on this board. Past editors have preference of course, and we would actually like them to pick the task up again, but that depends on their showing up. The situation is that any discussion of future issues died down months or years ago, so it's more or less starting from scratch again.
I'll be honest, I've actually started drafting up an 'issue 4' of my own, one of those things where something went from a vague idea and then kept me up most of the night haha, I'm a bit strange like that A yardstick for myself would be an eZine called 'Warning Order', which is a wargaming publication that consists of some 30 pages usually, and goes from strength to strength. They've post about four a year, so it's managable for them, and I think the same principle could be applied to AT. I'd be very much interested in seeing what could be done with the magazine from this point
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