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Characters & Locations To Return:

-Carmine =Juvenile Delinquent
-Leon = Fat Kid
-Mr. Frick = Principal Of Carbuncle Elementry
-Coach Beltz = Coach
-Sheila = Willy's Mom
-Gordon = Willy's Dad
-Tiffany = Willy's Older Sitster
-Brianna = Willy's Younger Sister
-Cliff = Tiffany's Boyfriend
-Perry = Willy's Friend
-Dana Mitchell= Willy's friend that happens to be a girl
-Spider = Willy's Bully
-Joey Melba = Food Cart Vendor
-Japanese Tourists = Also known as Ninja Tourists who saved your hid
-Duffy = Willy's pet dog
-Horny = Willy's pet frog
-Ghost Of Grandpa Beamish = He only appears when troubles brewing
-Gus = Operator of the USS Dumpling
-Gigi = Dana's pet frog
More to come

New Characters:
Mike Melba: Joey's twin brother who has no stache.
Brett: Tiffany's New Boyfriend
More to come

Old Locations:
Slice Of Life = A pizzeria under new-management
Sloeffer Park = Where you practice Horny's jumping skills
Tree Fort = A place for your friends to hang out
More to come

New Locations:
Arcade-O-Rama = An arcade were you play arcade games
Cards & Comics = A place to check out and buy cards or comics.
More to come
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