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Default Thank-you, Eumaeus!!!!!!

Eumaus, after days of frustration I have found your perfect instructions for anyone having problems making DOS programs play in full-screen mode via DosBox in Windows 7.

Originally Posted by Unregistered eumaeus View Post
For anyone combing the internet for instructions on how to use DOSBox to play DOS programs in full-screen mode on modern large screens while using Windows 7, here's the few easy steps that you have to take.

After DOSBox has installed just stay inside Windows and go to the folder where you have installed DOSBox and find the file that is called
"DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat".

Double-click on "DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat" and it will open up and you will see that it is also called "dosbox-0.74.conf". For some mysterious reason, to do with the clever inner workings of DOSBox, you don't need to worry about this. Ignore all directions you have seen to edit the *.conf" file. By editing "DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat" you ARE editing the ".conf" file!

Just move your cursor into this configuration file and make the changes that Eumaeus has listed.

The terms "fullscreen", "fullresolution", and "output" are all in the first block of commands that are hard up against the left margin. Change the values as Eumaeus has suggested (above).

Then move down the page to the section which is headed "[render]", and find the term "scaler". Change its value as Eumaeus has suggested.

Then go up to "File" and click "Save". Then close the windows.

For some reason you will notice in Explorer that the date associated with this file will not have changed although you will have just modified its contents. Don't worry about this mystery either. Just relaunch one of your DOS programs now and see how they load in a full screen AND that you can still use the mouse and/or keyboard.

For anyone having trouble creating DOSBox shortcuts to their DOS programs, make sure that the Target in your shortcut reads:
C:\DOSBox\DOSBox.exe -userconf -exit "C:\DOS-programs\[name of specific dos-game foler]\[name of the executable file].exe"

In the above example c:\DOSBox is the directory in which I have chosen to install the DOSBox program, and c:\DOS-programs is the adjacent folder in which I have placed a number of different DOS programs, each one of them in a different sub-folder.

Once again, many thanks to Eumaeus.


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