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Originally Posted by Japo View Post
Everybody wants not to have those black stripes. Y U NO like unused area of your monitor?

Mind you, you COULD stretch the image and remove the stripes if you really wanted. But you can see the gruesome result in the link above.

So does it work for you with "ddraw" and not with "overlay", or was it something else? It would be interesting to know.

(Dunno, it may make sense. All this is undocumented, but I think those DOSBox options are probably enum values simply forwarded to SDL calls. Judging from the name, overlay might mean writing directly to the video memory. So maybe the result could vary depending on the particular hardware. DirectX on the other hand is an industry standard API and any driver is responsible to produce the same result out of the same call.)
With overlay the picture is very small(I guess windowed mode size), as shown in the attachment on my first post in this thread. With ddraw the picture is as big as it gets( without the stretch effect, shown by the example with the smiley you linked to. If it's not too bad, I think I could get used to that stretched image though. That's the way I watch most movies.

I haven't tested anything besides overlay and ddraw yet. Maybe something else might produce an even better result.
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