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First, the suggestion (to finish off with the most possitive note!):

Have you guys ever considered a list of non-abondonware games? How about even a master list, one perhaps that lists all known DOS games stating one of the following: a ) Abandoned, b ) Still Sold, c ) Needed (allerting others that Abondonia still needs to aquire said game). Each one could have a link onto the site if you wanted to take it to the next step, allowing people to aquire those games you do have downloads or info on. It would make Abondonia much more of a one-stop shop as well as provide some of us newbies on the scene with a list of games that, no matter how much we want them (*cough* Monkey Island, Full Throttle, WC: Privateer *cough*) that unless we shell out a few bucks, we won't get them.

Now for the positive! The method by which you guys use your news to promote games that many of us have never played is great! Even more so, are the great summaries and write-ups on the games. They tend to put them all in a possitive light and yet remain reasonably objective about them, warning people off of games that they probably wouldn't like by telling them what they need to know and link to games that ARE ACTUALLY SIMILAR to the game being reviewed! Its nice and refreshing! Thanks guys! I've now had a chance to enjoy a few games that I either didn't know about or never got a chance to play! From one gamer to others, thanks! =)

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