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Excellent first attempt and it has (at least for me) achieved one of it's objectives by encouraging me to have a go at playing the likes of Mechwarriors and Fallout as for years I have played mainly point and click adventure games and read about them in the "Adventure Lantern" reviews.

It's clear a lot of work has gone into putting the magazine together like the watermark images embedded in some pages (not sure if that is the correct term?) and the clean, clear layout with box outs and a colour scheme that matches the website, nothing jumps out and hits you like it shouldn't be there so if it looks right it usually is.

It's refreshing to read an honest review about older games rather than the stereotypical "It's old, needs DOS, low resolution and it's 2D" therefore it's not worth playing attitude, only the smallest of very small points I would say is as the magazine gets bigger maybe have the download as a zip file as well as a pdf.

Conclusion. A very solid first issue, well put together with informative reviews by people that obviously know what they are talking about and are passionate about older games, bring on the next issue.
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