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Default Volunteer for writing reviews!

So you want to write for Abandonia? Thank you in advance! Reviews are the most difficult material to get when we want to add games.

Please remember that plagiarism is not allowed: no parts of your text may be copied from other reviews, articles or websites, including Wikipedia. The whole text must be originally yours!

Look at the next post for a list of particular games that need reviews more or less urgently. If you don't like any of those, there are many more possibilities; keep reading here.

Whatever the reason why you want to review a game for Abandonia, there are two other things you need: first and foremost the game must be approved as abandoned; and we'll need the game itself. If a game that you want to review is approved and you don't have it, we might have an archive in our stash, or we can try to find it. If we consider a game approved, any source is acceptable to get an archive from.

How do you know if a game is approved? The requests board. Use the forum search function to find titles. If the title's in the approved requests child board, it can be added (and we don't have it yet); so you might want to shop around there, if you want to write a review but don't have a particular title in mind. If it's in the"on site" board, the game's already on Abandonia; if it's on the "rejected" or "invalid" boards, it can't be added; if it's on the mother requests board, we're still working on determining its status, but if the last post is old feel free to post to ask again. If we don't have the title at all yet, either in the requests boards or on the website itself, post a new thread over there to ask if it can be approved (one thread per game, the title must be that of the game literally). Consider that Abandonia deals with games at least 10 years old, although this isn't the only requirement (you can read about all our rules in the sticky post of the board).

It's also possible that you arrived here through a link from a particular game. In case of lack of reviews, we may publish games without them, and these will be stamped with a banner in place of the missing review text, linking here. Here's where you can tell us that you'd like to provide a good review for that game

We appreciate your support!

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