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Default Dame Highness Arete of Monarch

~Part Three: Arete, The First Dame of Monarch~

Arete was sleeping in her room in Lord Arkham's Keep
dreaming about her lover Fifth and his love so deep
when a friend of hers came to Arete for her royal address
so she woke up and wore her favorite black dress.

She came to the courtyard and adressed to Lord Arkham,
"I had visited and expanded your kingdom, but I would happy to serve your kingdom."
Arkham answered with all his loving heart so true
"You may, but I'll give you time to talk to Fifth, he misses you."

Arete became true to Lord Arkham's word and went to her room to write in her diary,
Her days as a dame would be her first priority, if necessary
One time Fifth was on the phone, so she answered him with her hope
Her love will never fade as every day she writes every diary note.

Days passed, Arete woke up and went to the castle courtyard and Arkham assigned her as dame
She then tied her red hair with a ribbon and wore a necklace to represent her fame
Lord Arkham was so proud of her so she given 3 years to became a dame that she dreamed.
As time passed, Arete, as the dame of Monarch, is not alone. Even though she likes ice cream.

~End of Part Three~
The Shinin' Heart Ends in Worst Way

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