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Default Here is the second part.

~Part Two: The Witchpie Tale~

Last Halloween, in an ordinary place
Arete and her friends were dressed up in costumes to grace
She went to the bakeshop to buy a witchpie
And returned home and called her friends to consume the pie.

Lord Arkham, the Lord Monarch, fell ill
and cursed, by the evil witch named Ardelle
She wrote bad stories that scared the people in town
With her madness she made happy people frown.

Arete came back to Monarch and found out
that Monarch, her kingdom, is in chaos, so she ran and then shouted
Miss 'Rete wondered for something that will use against Ardelle and her madness
She then thought that the witchpie can restore happiness.

So Miss 'Rete rang the Monarch bell and took her army from the previous fight
They hired a hundred bakers to make witchpies during their light
The witchpies are made for people who like to cherish
so Arete faced Ardelle, giving her witchpie and after eating it Ardelle vanished!

The witch's curse was broken, Lord Arkham became well
Arete returned to the castle and told him stories to fell
She gave him a pumpkin pie, people went happy for now
Arete left Lord Arkham with a note that tells she might return to Monarch somehow.

~End of Part Two~

~Continuation: Before she was a dame~

Ardelle returned to her hometown after the witchpie spell fades
and went home with her son Herschel after a few days
She will never forget what Arete had done to her own opinion
so she plans to return to Monarch if she had the hope and question.

Arete promised to return to Monarch to meet Lord Arkham sometime
and she wanted to be a dame, once in her lifetime
But when she came back, nightfall came
so she came to Lord Arkham's Keep and went to her room to sleep in fame.

~End of Continuation~
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