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Default Lord Monarch: Arete's Chance & The Witchpie Tale

Lord Monarch: Arete's Chance & The Witchpie Tale
-by Abandoned Witch-

~Part One: Arete's Chance~

Arete was sleeping when she dreamt of a world,
An unoccupied world full of everything they would
She wondered why she was still standing here
Now she lives in the kingdom of Monarch, a land everyone fears.

She was ordered by Lord Arkham, Lord Monarch, who greeted her
He wants her, Arete, to expand the country and conquer
Arete was so happy, but she thought she'll become a queen
However the evil king Desmond wants to put an end to Lord Monarch's dreams.

Arete started hiring her friends to work on Lord Monarch's kingdom
They worked, making homes, buildings, and barracks, training knights of freedom,
She is famous, her friends made her a legendary person
With her heart she had no other reason.

The night falls, and the evil king Desmond has sparked terror
The people woke up, trying to avoid this unstoppable horror
Arete thought evil king Desmond may cause fear and harm
so Arete, Lord Monarch, and the knights readied their arms.

Arete and Lord Monarch fought the evil king Desmond to his last haste
With their swords and spears Desmond and his army was vanquished without a trace
Evil has faded, peace has restored
The next day Arete woke up, and she thought she's cold!!!

~End of Part One~
The Shinin' Heart Ends in Worst Way

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