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Dreaming of Halloween sn. 2012
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~Dreaming of Halloween~ END OF ABANDONMENT

Today is Halloween, I believe in destiny
A new world will open up from the dawn
So many places to explore and visit
As dreams of one, we will go.

In my world I'll go with you
Memories of a new life, together we cry
I'll join you in the way to get candy
to share the truth behind.

Memories of youth coming back
Alice I hear your hope
Truth is the only source to the world
Trick or treat til the morning light.

But now its the end of my life here in Abandonia
because it is getting so weird full of slowdown,
I, Abandoned Witch, will end up leaving because of that
As such the frill stall of the Abandoned Witch lineage has saved

May this be end of my journey
I don't want to stay away, I want to be happy
The worry will end if we change the world
And with courage everyone will be happy.

My own realities and memories come to life
As the truth and the St. Allan unite
The new world is about to explore...
Till the next time we'll all be dreaming of Halloween!!!
I believe we will change the world on Halloween.
We want another! Alice I hear ya baby!
(Please don't confuse Halloween with the Imperial Galactic Wars V, I have no idea why.)
We remember the chaos - that the RV Empire was destroyed. MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU!
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