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Dreaming of Halloween sn. 2012
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~Dreaming of Halloween when Light and Darkness Collide~

I. The Rise

Is this a mystery to be told,
or this is not but this a dream?
Is this the path of a new era?
Or this is where we have been?

Another day in the world of light
Allison Graham caused madness
The fate of the world has fell into the worst
And the rest turned into darkness

Why is this happening?
Can we all believe in this time?
People are wondering, why
Moments have done fine.
I believe we will change the world on Halloween.
We want another! Alice I hear ya baby!
(Please don't confuse Halloween with the Imperial Galactic Wars V, I have no idea why.)
We remember the chaos - that the RV Empire was destroyed. MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU!
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