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Dreaming of Halloween sn. 2012
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~Dreaming of Halloween Once Again~

Note: This is the third iteration with fantasy.

We stand together to make a change
The chronicle of a new era begins the lost sight
Agelida was the home of ray light
now it turned into a dark insight.

Ariel Melena, a witch from a faraway land
has turned her back to the third craze
however the Seven Forge is chasing her
and because of that she is gone without a trace.

This season, A change that it could still make a lasting impression
The dreams of young children trickatreatin'
But somewhere in a world far from our eyes
There is chaos in people's hearts fearing.

I have been wandered everywhere, seeing everyone.
The mystery has never finished, something in between
My friend said I don't like what has happened in his homeland
Are we really still dreaming of Halloween?

~To be continued~
I believe we will change the world on Halloween.
We want another! Alice I hear ya baby!
(Please don't confuse Halloween with the Imperial Galactic Wars V, I have no idea why.)
We remember the chaos - that the RV Empire was destroyed. MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU!
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