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That is not my thread! I am just the best Modder Ascendancy, and i succeeded finally doing that, what some lonely guys out there ever wanted: To get it much better.

It is just a simple side project to me, and i am just a small user Abandonia, with no interest here in other stuff at all, nor to chit chat endlessly in this thread. It just doesnt matter to me. I ll try to make my Mod perfect, if @Jordos or another guy could crack the ASCEND.EXE patch from 1996 to finally get that game perfect - nice! If not - fair enough!

But i am simply not that level of smiley polluted offtopic blah! Far off. Have a nice day!


tienk, if i d call you anything now, i d get banned instantly. You perhaps should just shut up, cause you dont do anything better, in your following comments! The same weakminded blah blah. I beg you to open up a whole new thread, to worship God, Jesus, and your parents, and to leave this Ascendancy thread alone, plus me, plus my bad attitude, cause i have no nerves for that kind of trollish, thnx.

Perhaps, i should wish you, to get a point in your life, so that you got at least one!

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