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I would highly recommend, that you two guys or girls whatever, Mystvan and tienk, meet up at SecondLife and have a good night, instead of killing this thread by weired stuff like smiley hordes, pseudo-religious bullshit, and offtopic speech.

Yes, it was a kind of offending to me, my nickname in the middle of blah blah and hordes of smileys, and two dudes talking nonsense about me.

And it is highly annoying, that you both kill that thread. And even higher annoying was for me, that kdb and Jordos, two guys wanting to achieve better results Ascendancy, didnt read my worthy comments and hints, and didnt even download my most worthy Mod, a pioneer to rescue Ascendancy, while the Logic Factory faded away into nothing, their homepage is sold to another company, and Ascendancy 2 MultiVerse is officially cancelled, Wikipedia tells.

It is frustrating to me, that my good efforts are ignored by people, which would be glad to use my knowledge and results, and that people kill that thread and calling ME the insane guy, sorry.

So just meet up and make out SecondLife, and give that thread a chance!

One neverending problem in internet is: RTFM! NRTFM!

And i meant the other word instead of "Fullsize", you get that?

If new guys in this thread searching for results and answers Ascendancy, ever and ever again, dont read NOTHING AT ALL, and begin at fucking ZERO, that frustrates really much.

Does not matter anyway. I ll give my results, upload it somewhere, and end of that story.

I hope, that @Jordos would have a serious interest in modding the ASCEND.EXE, we would get that game perfect!

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